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Bad news… I’ll no longer be posting to elladee_places.
Good news… elladee_places is on hold but places posts will continue, for now incorporated with the elladee blog.

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Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens – Lion Gate Lodge (4)

Making the most of a free lunch hour on a day that offered an early glimpse of spring, I went for a walk to visit the big kitties.

“Lions and tigers, and bears, oh my!”
Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum

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Lunch Bites: AMP Centre

It’s occurred to me that my current work-life existence may be due to a childhood wish gone askew. I may have as a golden haired child fond of the Rapunzel fairy tale made a wish to be a princess in a tower… dammit… I didn’t mean office tower…
My office building is the AMP Centre which according to Wiki is the 11th tallest building in Sydney.
Can you see my window on Level 26?

Interesting, my Google homepage quote today is…”I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” Douglas Adams

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Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – Herbs (3)

I needed a breath of fresh air and despite the weather not appearing as fine when looking out my window as at the computer’s Temperature & Time display, I decided a short walk and a few pictures of the Herb Garden in the Royal Botanic Gardens was in order, which given the season is not at its best but still balm for the spirit, and food for future garden making thoughts.

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Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – Rosy (2)

I needed to shop during my lunch break today, so thinking to follow on from yesterday I detoured via the Rose Garden in the Royal Botanic Gardens, took far too long snapping pics but could have lingered longer as it is a lovely area. I had to speed walk down to George Street, grab the items I needed and sushi, then rush back to the office for lunch as I was starving.



Later, this is how the evening began…

999 Evening

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Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney (1)

Foggy Sydney

Foggy Sydney

Given my office is a short distance of 1 traffic light crossing over & 2 traffic light crossings along from one of the entrances to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, I should go there more often that I do.

One of the problems is, the gardens are too nice. Once you get to wandering in lunch time sunshine, the last path you want to take is the one that leads back to your desk.


Today, the weather was just too nice to spend the hour indoors. Also the early mornings have been chilly, damp and foggy so I have forgone my usual walk. I’m craving physical exercise and the accompanying mental quietude.

So after a quick bite to eat I donned sunglasses, grabbed my phone and out I went. On my walk back from a circuit of the gardens I put the phone’s camera setting onto Polaroid and took a few shots of the harbour and cityscape.

I think I’ll make this a regular thing on sunny Sydney winter work days.

29-05-2013 2-12-50 PM_Sydney NSW Australia

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forever young

Last weekend I stepped back into another life and time. I spent 24 hours in Tamworth* NSW Australia attending a school reunion*. Of those 24, I had 1 hour free to take location photos.

Most people when they think of Tamworth, think country music and the festival held each January. I’m not a lover of country music… other than a little Johnny Cash. When I think of Tamworth, it’s of being 17 years old, and the 2 years I spent at boarding school.

When I started at Calrossy TCEGS in 1982, I was 16, a small country town kid, and an only child. For a while my psyche was hijacked by bouts of homesickness: one minute I was happy, the next I was wracked with an awful displacement. Then it stopped.

The next thing that happened was I gained weight. I had been a 3 sugars in tea and coffee person but at home in Murrurundi I was incidentally and continually active. Boarding school life was predominantly confined to the buildings and grounds. Weekdays we had morning sessions of physical exercise. I played town comp basketball. We walked to “town”. That was it. I also ate a diet designed around what would cheaply & sufficiently, rather than nutritiously, feed a couple of hundred teenage girls, which we supplemented with food from home and anything we could sneak from the kitchen or dining room… Weet-Bix sandwiches of peanut butter & honey being a favourite.

I acclimatised surprisingly quickly, assisted by being only an hour from home. I saw friends and family regularly. I enjoyed school, the art room, activities, my classmates and teachers. Being a senior I had a certain amount of liberty to leave the grounds, especially in my final year. It was a first taste of freedom and life away from my family.

Boarding school is the same as any situation where people spend a lot of time together… in a relationship, home, workplace… The quote “High school is very intense for everyone. But at a boarding school, because you’re there 24 hours a day, everything gets magnified” sums it up. I made good friends & have only good memories, and at the end of the 2 years, my tears of sadness to be leaving bookended those first tears of homesickness.

*elladee_words posts

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